The Best All-Round Kayaks for 2019

Our Top Picks for Kids and Fishing Kayaks in 2019

Looking for an affordable kids kayak that is lighweight and compact? Maybe you need a fishing kayak so you can get right in the action? Whatever you’re after, the Aquayak Kayak range has something to suit everyone. All Aquayak Kayaks are Australian Made and are backed by a massive 10 Year Manufacturers Warranty! How good is that! We know how hard it is to find the perfect kayak. Therefor we have listed our best kids kayaks & fishing kayaks in 2019 below;

Our top pick for a Kids Kayak

The Aquayak Kayak Banjo model weighs in at just under 10 kilos so it’s one of the lightest kids kayaks on the market. It can even fit inside the car at just 1.8 meters long and has a capacity for 65kg of weight (sorry dad, this one is just for the kids). It also comes with your 2-piece paddle and has a centre console for storage as well.

A Great Choice for an Entry-Level Kayak in the Aquayak Range

The Aquayak Kayak Snapper is 2.7 metre in length and it weighs in at 17 kilos. It’s still nice and light, so you can lift it up onto the roof racks if needed and has a weight capacity of 120kg. This model of kayak has the Aquayak comfort seat and a centre console for storage.

The Best Fishing Kayaks of 2019 in the Aquayak Range

The Aquayak Snapper Pro Kayak. You get the extra console for storage and your rod holder is in the middle. The rod holder detaches and can be put in the side rails of the fishing kayak. This will make fishing and holding your tinnie much easier.

Last but not least, you have the top of the range, the Aquayak Scout Kayak model. Which is very similar to the Aquayak Snapper Pro Kayak. It has the railing on the sides of the kayak that you can attach your rod holder too. You still have the two consoles for storage. However these two consoles actually twist instead of the standard rubber release consoles. In both the Aquayak Scout Kayak and the Aquayak Snapper Pro Kayak, you have the rear storage for bigger items.

Where to buy the Aquayak Kayak range?

The Aquayak Kayak Range is one of the best kayak ranges on the market. Offering quality kayaks at great prices and with a kayak to suit everyone. These kayaks are available to purchase online from the below links (Instore pickup only – please contact us if you wish to arrange freight) or in-store at our Camping World Coffs Harbour store located at Watson’s Leisure Centre.

Aquayak Banjo Kayak (Best kids kayak) https://campingworldcoffsharbour.com.au/product/banjo-kids-kayak/

Aquayak Snapper Kayak (Great entry-level kayak) https://campingworldcoffsharbour.com.au/product/snapper-kayak-2-7m/

Aquayak Scout Kayak https://campingworldcoffsharbour.com.au/product/scout-kayak/

Aquayak Snapper Pro Kayak https://campingworldcoffsharbour.com.au/product/snapper-pro-fishing-kayak/

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