Camping Fridge Buyers Guide

Looking for a camping fridge but not sure what you need? This is your buyers guide to choosing a camp fridge / freezer that will make all the difference when making your purchase. Be sure to watch the video to have Ben walk you through it.

Make sure it fits
The first thing is to make sure that it fits where you need it to go, whether it be a cavity in a caravan, camper trailer, ute tray, boot, or stand. Know how much room you have and compare this to the dimensions on the fridge, taking into consideration the lid as it opens as well.

Single Zone or Dual Zone Fridge?
The second thing to consider is Single Zone or Dual Zone. Single Zone fridge / freezers like the Companion can only be used as a fridge or a freezer, but not both at the same time. Dual Zone means that it has two compartments that can be run as a fridge and a freezer at the same time.

Consider the door
Thinking back to the first point of making sure it fits including the lid. You also need to make sure that it opens up the correct way. So if it’s stored in the back of a ute on a fridge slide, or it’s in the slide of a camper trailer – make sure it opens up the correct way and that it’s not going to get blocked by any arms or obstacles.

Power & charging
A camp fridge requires both your source of power and a means of charging. So when you are free camping, your source of power is going to be your 12v battery, obviously if you’ve got a powered site you can plug into 240 power.  And the second is a source of charging which and can be anything from a solar panel blanket to a charge from running a vehicle.

A great tip for charging is to plug it into 240 power at home and get it nice and cold before you put it into the Camper Trailer or vehicle. It will put less strain on compressor and also it will get colder a lot quicker as well.

Cover up
A cover is definitely something to consider, it’s going to improve your insulation properties and as well as it’s going to protect the fridge. Some models come with a cover, others you will need to purchase separately which can be an added expense to factor into your costing.

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