What’s in a Motorhome Starters Kit?

The 7 must haves for a first-time Motorhome owner.

If you’re a first-time Motorhome owner or hiring one for your next holiday, there are some key items you’ll need to have & you’ll need to know how to use them!

We’ve put together a Motorhome Starters Kit that includes the essentials for any motorhome.

Included in the Pack we have:

Roll of non-toxic reinforced water hose

Along with your hose fittings this will provide water to your van. In free camping scenario you can use this to fill the tanks before you go, or you can fit the second hose fitting and connect to the side of the van when you arrive at a caravan park.

Corrugated flexible hose

This hose is used for your grey water. Connect this to the connection on the side of the van and use the facilities at a caravan park for this.

15amp to 10amp adaptor

Allows you to connect your van which is a 15amp powered vehicle, to a 10amp connection or a standard wall socket at home – perfect for powering up before the next big trip

Extension lead

For obvious reasons, used to connect to power at a caravan site, or a generator in a free camp scenario

Toilet tablets

When compared with the toilet chemical where you might be a bit heavy-handed with the measurements, the sachets are a convenient way to get the premise amount each time

Floor mat

Non-slip and durable, this breathable mat which wont kill the grass and keep the dirt and dust away from the immediate area of your motorhome

Levelling Chocks

Levelling systems are simple use for levelling out the van once you’ve found a spot.

The Watsons Leisure Centre Motorhomes Starters Kit is now available here

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