Probiotic Grey Waste Water Tank Treatment 500ml

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Pro Power Probiotic Grey Waste Water Tank Treatment

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What separates ProPower from the rest?

What separates ProPower from other probiotic cleaning agents, is it is based on Quorum Sensing Technology (QST). Quorum sensing at its most basic level can be described as a regulatory process over gene expression in response to cell-population density. To put it simply, bacteria can’t visualise their surroundings like we do, so in order to detect how many neighbouring cells they have, each cell releases signal molecules. Based on the concentration of these signal molecules in the micro-environment outside of cells, the bacteria can detect how many neighbours each has and if these neighbours are of the same species. Once a specific concentration of signal molecules has been achieved (known as a quorum) the bacteria start manufacturing different enzymes and proteins which can have a significant impact on their environment and their neighbouring cells.

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