Sphere Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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  • No wiring DIY install
  • Protects tyre via early puncture detection
  • 4 external sensor kit
  • Wireless solar-power display
  • Monitoring Range: 0~87Psi
  • All-weather design with IP67 waterproof sensors
  • Monitors each individual tyre pressure and temperature in real-time
  • Alerts for low pressure, high pressures, fast air leakage and high tyre temperature
  • Visual and audible alerts
  • Adjustable high/low pressure threshold by axle, selectable range: 7Psi ~87Psi
  • Suitable for car, 4WD, 4WD + trailer^, caravan^, motorhome^, light trucks^
  • Can be upgraded to monitor 10 tyres (including up to 2 spare tyres)
  • Tyre Swap function available
  • Patented lock nut removal tool
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oast to Coast is excited to introduce a new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) line, designed and crafted by Sphere.

The new product has a solar-powered LCD display and four waterproof external sensors for DIY installation. It is the first system in Australia which can be upgraded to 6, 8 and 10 sensors, including 2 spare tyres, without a booster, which is great for RVs.

Key Features:

Tyre alert: Mata 1E tyre pressure monitoring system helps drivers stay safe via visual and audible alerts when there is tyre air leakage, high tyre temperature, and too low or too high tyre pressures. Users can add extra sensors to Mata 1E, for example, for an additional four fourwheel trailer plus two spare tyres.

High accuracy: For 4WDers, it’s important to maintain the correct pressures when climbing rocky mountains, driving through muddy ponds or sandy surfaces. Mata 1E, with its IP67 external sensors, can withstand harsh environments and monitor real-time pressures with an impressive ± 1.5 psi accuracy.

Pressure threshold setting. Mata 1E also allows users to customize the high/low pressure alarm threshold by each axle. Users can to set the low pressure alarm as low as 7psi for especially rough terrains, or change the alarm threshold for an axle taking a heavier load.

Solar-powered display: The classic mono color display has a large screen and can be easily read even under direct sunlight. The new generation solar film on top is sensitive and can pick up light sources very well. Once fully charged, the battery lasts for 60 hours.

External Sensors: The external sensor weighs 9 grams, and can be easily DIY-installed by the end user without need for wheel rebalancing. Add extra sensors to upgrade your system to a 6-` nEach sensor is also powered by a replaceable CR1632 button battery. In addition, the system has 4 anti-theft lock nuts to provide extra security, and require our patented tool to remove it. Our tool also makes changing batteries easy.


  • BAR/PSI unit setting
  • °F/°C unit setting
  • Rechargeable solar-powered display with high temperature resistant battery
  • Large mono digital screen displays all 4 tyre pressures and temperatures
  • Automatic backlight night view
  • Automatic screen brightness for clear view under strong sunlight
  • Auto-sleep function for power-saving
  • Vibration-activated auto-wake function
  • Extra USB charging port
  • One full charge lasts for 60 hours


  • External sensor
  • DIY installation
  • ±1.5PsiHigh accuracy
  • 9 gram external sensors, no need for wheel re-balancing
  • IP67 protection against dust and water
  • Replaceable sensor battery – CR1632 button cell.
  • 2-year sensor battery life
  • Anti-theft lock nuts included to provide extra security


Monitor Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 35 (mm)

Sensor Dimensions: 22 x 15 (mm)

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