KT Solar 20W Panel + Universal Mounting System

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Universal Solar Panel Rod Mounting System PLUS 20W Panel

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The base of the Rod is designed to fit a Fishing Rod Holder for secure mounting and features a locking swivel knuckle, allowing the user to adjust the solar panel angle to achieve maximum solar exposure. The Universal Solar Panel Rod Mounting System is designed for Solar Panels with a height of 17mm and is Ideal for temporary applications including camping, boating, 4WD applications, and ideal for permanent solar applications such as charging electric fences or gates, garden lighting and security camera battery charging. The system also features a 12V, 5Amp PWM Solar Charge Controller.

Universal Solar Panel Rod Mounting System


  • Designed for solar panels with a height of 17mm
  • Ideal for marine applications, including charging of batteries in boats & jet-ski’s
  • Rural applications on properties with electric fences
  • Security camera battery charging when 240AC power is unavailable
  • 12V garden & outdoor lighting
  • Portable solution to charging isolated batteries anywhere
  • 2 x fully adjustable, sliding locking clamps that will accommodate a 10W, 20W or 40W solar panel
  • 5mm allen key included to easily secure panel to mounting system
  • The locking swivel knuckle allows the user to adjust the solar panel angle to achieve
    maximum sun exposure.
  • Fishing rod male gimbal butt which locks into most universal female rod holders.
  • 12V, 5 Amp PWM solar charge controller included.

12V 20W Single Cell Solar Panel

The KT 20 Watt, 12V Single Cell Mono-crystalline Solar Panel (Model No. KT70716) is ideal for a variety of Home, Automotive, Caravan, RV & Marine Applications where required to trickle charge small batteries that may power power garden lighting, home surveillance systems, home irrigation systems, electric fences, electric gates, surveillance camera’s and more. This panel offers a 10 Year Warranty and 25 Year Efficiency Guarantee.

Dimensions & Weight:

  • Dimensions (Height): 483mm
  • Dimensions (Length): 343mm
  • Dimensions (Depth): 17mm
  • Panel Weight: 1.52Kg


  • 3M Positive/Negative Cables with Alligator Clamps
  • Mono-Crystalline Construction
  • Quality Construction with Premium Black Framing
  • Fully Sealed Junction Box on Back of Panel
  • 5 Accreditation Certificates
  • Class A

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